Dakota Pinnacle Birch released by North Dakota State University in 1997, this hardy tree has a striking columnar to narrowly pyramidal growth habit.  It was tested for hardiness, drought and strong winds in North Dakota, Minnesota and Saskatchewan and was adapted to each location.  It has more than average tolerance to the bronze birch borer.  It also tolerates heavy clay soils with a high pH.

The bark changes color as the tree matures, from grayish-orange on 3 year old trees, to orange-white on 6 year old trees, to yellow-white on mature trees.

It reaches a semi-mature height of 35-40 feet and a width of 10-12 feet after 25-30 years.


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Dakota Pinnacle Birch (Betula platyphylla ‘Fargo’)


  • Color: Dark green leaves in summer, golden yellow in autumn


  • Growth Habit:
    • Columnar to narrowly pyramidal growth habit
    • Medium to fast growing
  • Height: 10.75-12m (35-40ft.)
  • Spread: 3-3.75m (10-12ft.)
  • Soil: Tolerates heavy clay and high pH
  • Bark:
    • colors go from grayish orange on 3 year old stems
    • orange-white on 6 year old stems
    • yellow-white on mature trunks
  • Other:
    • Great for areas where space is at a premium
    • More than average tolerance to Bronze Birch Borer and strong winds
    • Released by Dakota State University in 1997
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