(Ribes spp.)

Many North Americans are probably not familiar with gooseberries, a relative of the currant; but they are very popular in Great Britain where they are used to make jams, jellies and are eaten fresh.  Most of the gooseberry propagators seem to be "across the pond," so PrairieTech is pleased to offer four gooseberry cultivars suitable for growing in our area.


Hinnomaki Red & Yellow

The Hinnomaki cultivars from Finland are sweet and flavourful.  Heavy crops of red or yellow-green medium sized fruit are borne on upright plants that have good mildew resistance.


Invicta is considered by some to be the best gooseberry available in North America.  Originally from England, it produces very large green-yellow berries that can be eaten fresh when fully ripe, or used in pies, jams and jellies.

Jahn's Prairie 

This cultivar is an Alberta native!  It was selected in 1984 by the late Dr. Otto Jahn from native gooseberries growing in the Red Deer river valley.  Found to have good mildew and mold resistance, it produces large (3.8g) dark red fruit that are comparable to European dessert gooseberries